Because hygienic water closet have super smooth surface , stains free and can safe all the trouble with just a flush.
Yes. You should select the hygienic water closet, with super save 4.5liter/flush. Which the normal level of water consumption is 6 liter; user can save water up to 1.5 liter/flush.
There is no need to use strong cleaning agents if using hygienic ware, water are generally clean, save the usage of the detergent, water, time and save more money.

For s-trap : measure the distance from the wall to the center of the toilet drain.

For p-trap : measure the distance from the floor to the centre of the toilet drain.

Yes. Choosing hygienic ware, although need to pay more, but this is a long term value investment for you and your family. Long term used not only save more detergent, save water, always clean and protect the environment.
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